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Games round-up for February 2009 Last month, I opened up another section of Nihilogic devoted to JavaScript games and I got a lot of nice feedback, so I'm hoping it will grow to be a successful site with time. To keep a connection between that section and the blog and for those who want to stay up to date without getting spammed every time a new game is added, I think I'll do monthly round-ups here, briefly summing up all games added during the month.

Ok, on with the games for February. I'll only mention those that were added after the initial announcement and since I'm still largely playing catch-up with several years worth of existing games, most games aren't that fresh anymore but there might a few that catch your eye anyway. As I work my way through the pile of games to add, the old-to-new ratio should hopefully improve.

Not really a game as such, ProtoRPG is actually a game engine ready to use if you feel like making your own roleplaying game. Built on Prototype and Scriptaculous.

Final Fantasy Mini Battle
A fun little diversion in this Final Fantasy inspired battle game.

JS Bomberman
A nice Bomberman-like game by Gabriel Munteanu.

I really wish Philip Taylor would do something more with this since it's just awesome cool. Raycasting for fun and profit.

Digg Attack
One of my own experiments, a mashup of shoot'em-up action and data from the Digg API.

Stack the Log!
The first of two games from XWUZ, this is a test of quick reactions.

Bubble Trouble
The second XWUZ game is a SameGame-like puzzle game.

Another puzzle game like Bubble Trouble.

Invaders from Mars
Space Invaders meets Galaxians in this great looking game from Mark Wilcox.

Fun little side-scrolling racing game.

Odds are against you as zombies try to eat your brains in this shooter.

World of Solitaire
This is a really impressive collection of online solitaire games.

Canvas Breakout Tutorial
A step-by-step manual to creating your own Breakout clone with canvas by Bill Mill.

Feel free to use the comments feature to comment on the games or to suggest games you'd like to see added.

I'm also looking for any tutorials and other good resources that would fit in, so don't keep them to yourself!
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Check this one out:

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Nice one, thanks!

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