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Games round-up for March 2009 I've been so busy this month, especially the past week or two, that I haven't had time to add a lot of games, but the collection did expand a bit afterall. A few new games were added in addition to a bunch of oldies as well as some of my own game-related experiments.

3D Tomb II
The master of all things tiny, Mathieu 'p01' Henri, created this impressive FPS game in just 4KB.
Read more about 3D Tomb II

A fun, little Roguelike where you have to survive in a dog-eat-dog world (or amoeba-eat-amoeba, I guess).
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Everyone's favorite puzzle game Bejeweled - MooTools style.
Read more about BeSlimed

DHTML Lemmings
This game says JavaScript gaming like no other. A classic game with a near perfect DHTML implementation.
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From the talented Satoshi Ueyama comes a fun Lode Runner clone.
Read more about HatenaRunner

Helicopter 2K1
Classic chopper action in this nice arcade game.
Read more about Helicopter 2K1

Leisure Suit Larry AGI interpreter
One of my favourites, António Afonso has made an interpreter for the old AGI adventure game format used by Sierra OnLine way back when and is showing it off with some old school Larry Laffer fun.
Read more about Leisure Suit Larry

Tetris clones are plentyful and JavaScript versions are too, but this one has some nice multiplayer options.
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A DHTML arcade game inspired by the fast paced Geometry Wars.
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Space Invaders Emulator
Not just a JavaScript version of Space Invaders, this is an actual emulation of the hardware used in the old arcade games. It also runs a few other classic Taito games.
Read more about Space Invaders Emulator

Super Mario and Wolfenstein
Also added was three Nihilogic experiments/demos from last year. First the Super Mario game that basically gave life to Nihilogic about a year ago and was later followed up by a Mario Kart experiment. Finally, a partial remake of the first map of Wolfenstein using my own crappy 3D engine.
Read more about Super Mario Bros.
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Read more about Wolfenstein 3D

Get a piece of casino action with this video poker game by Juan Mellado. No risk of loosing the kids' college funds.
Read more about VideoPoker

I think for April, I might try to dig into Brent Silby's archive of DHTML games. I've been putting it off since there are just so many but there's really no way around it.

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Fantastic collection!
I wonder why i could not found this site before. I can guess that Super Mario and Wolfenstein and Space Invaders Emulator will be the best out of good list. I will surely download them as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing your list here.

October 23, 2009 at 8:03 PM
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